Welcome to CarolzTravelz 2.0.  When I began this blog in November 2016, my purpose was to share my living in, and traveling around, Turkey and Europe.  Political circumstances between Turkey and the United States changed dramatically in November 2017.   Consequently, I am now back in the ‘good old USA.”  And, seriously missing my heart home.

More than a travelog site CarolzTravelz is about my life journeys: physical, hopefully humorous, sometimes spiritual, perhaps some serous, and perhaps thought provoking.  Maybe I’ll even see places you already know about from a different perspective and you’ll want to revisit.Yet, I know I will find new journeys anywhere; you just have to look.  So for now, CarolzTravelz will be coming to you from inside the USA.   The journeys may still be just to the mailbox, which for the first time in my life, is right at my front door, or all the way across country and across my mindseye.

I will encourage you to ask questions, however.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll discover these are things and places you want to know more about.  So come along on Carolz Travelz!




12 thoughts on “Home

  1. It saddens my heart that you and Larry are so far away but I know you both have been planning this shift in your lives. May your travels be many and exciting. Pictures are a must. Eating different foods a pleasure and sharing your experiences exciting. Waiting for your stories


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